MVCA Re-Opening Plan

Opening Plans for fall 2020/2021

Current Staff and Student enrollment as of July 27, 2020:


Miss Connie Siegle:    Pre-K and K – 2:                   3 students

Mrs. Julie Handy:       Grades 3 – 6:                         6 students

Miss Janae Wintermute: roving Learning Center monitor and maintenance

Mrs. Ruth Drews:       Grades 7 – 12:                       8 students


Mrs. Ginger Countryman:                                           Administrative assistant


Rev. Chris J. Wintermute:                                          Administrator/Principal

Rev. William P. Whalen                                             Assistant Administrator/Principal

                                                                                    (As needed in absence of Chris)

Mr. Patrick Lotspeich                                                 Tutor

Mrs. Deborah Keiper                                                  Gym

Mrs. Julia Perkins                                                       Art

Mrs. Jamie Durant                                                      R.N.

Mrs. Becca Wintermute                                              Learning Center monitor

Certified Archery instructors                                      Month of January

Parents of students                                                     As needs may arise

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