MVCA Purpose Statement and General Security

Purpose statement:

To provide a spiritually, physically and healthy environment that will meet the needs of the staff, students and guests in accordance with both local and state officials.  We desire to contribute to success while maintaining both a sensitivity and sensibility to the existence of the COVID-19 virus.  This submission has taken into account all the recent guidelines set forth by the SED and DOH within context of this Academic institution.

Curriculum Used:

We will continue to primarily use the ACE PACE work along with supplemental work from Alpha and Omega as recommended by the Learning Center Supervisor.  We may also use additional resources to help strengthen the reading skills of our students in Pre-K to 2nd grade.  At present our Academy is a self-paced system for each student.  Each learning center has a supervisor and in addition the help of a roving assistant who assists where the greatest need is that day.  The ACE curriculum is portable and personal for each student.  They can take their work home, do their work at home with opportunity for corrections, scoring and finals in the event that the Academy could not be open due to an outbreak of the virus in the community.

General Security:

We will continue to have all outside doors to the public locked as in previous years.  The main entrance to the Academy will be left unlocked for convenience but the inner entrance door is kept locked all day.

We require ID for entrance if the visitor is unknown to the receiving staff.  Students are never to let anyone in the building even if the student recognizes the guest as a friend or family.  Adult staff are the only authorized individuals to let guests into the building.  All entering guests will be required to have both ID and a mask.  No individual is allowed apart from prior knowledge of their arrival.

Health and Safety initiatives:

  1. To provide an environment that is cleaned during and after each school day.
  2. Using the appropriate cleaning supplies as provided by the school district and purchased.
  3. Implement a cleaning process throughout the day to provide continual cleanliness in accordance with the submitted guidelines by both SED and DOH. 
  • To provide a place of rest for any student or staff who may fall ill during the school day.
    • First room on left as you enter the kindergarten wing.
    • Immediate notification of parents.
    • An assessment of the student’s physical condition.
    • An available log book to begin recording pertinent information.
    • Contacting of health officials if it is believed to be COVID-19.
  • To have the adequate equipment to monitor the health of students and staff.
  • face masks
  • no touch thermometer
  • cleaning supplies for daily maintenance
  • adequate hand sanitizer for each area of instruction and rest rooms
  • continue our usual supply of first-aid needs as we have in the past
  • posted signs as a clear reminder of personal and corporate responsibilities
  • School day gathering changes:

  • To provide acceptable distance for students as they prepare for the school day to begin.
  • All students will have assigned chairs (socially distanced) that they will be required to sit in once they arrive by bus or parent.  Students will be seated in the area of their learning center and within the view of their Learning Center supervisor.  This will be only until the school day officially begins; then staff and students will be released to their individual desk areas in their particular Learning Center to begin the school day.
  • Students in grades 7-12 will find their chairs along the walls of the main hallway on the first floor and will be dismissed to their upstairs learning center by using the east end stairwell to the second floor.
  • There will no longer be a general opening for the student population each day.  All opening activities such as pledges, prayer, scripture recitation and announcements will take place in and with Learning Center staff and students at their academic office once they have been dismissed to their particular Learning Center each day.
  • There will be morning staff meetings in the library on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Time will be in accordance with the staff manual.

  • To have each learning center adequately planned that allows for acceptable distance.
  • There are an adequate amount of student offices available that will allow for students to socially distance in each of their Learning Centers.

  • To have limited amount of chairs and tables for the lunch rooms.
  • The staff for grades Pre-K – 6th grade will socially distance their students each lunch period as the 3 double-tabled tables that seat 12 each will now accommodate the 9 students and 3 staff.  The 3 tables will remain providing sufficient room for the total of 9 students and 3 staff to be socially distanced.
  • The staff for grades 7-12 will also socially distance their lunch period as there will be sufficient chairs and tables for the 8 students and 1 staff. 

  • To have limited amount of desks for Bible classes on the second floor.
  • The greatest number of staff and students at any one time would be 9 to 10 students.  There will be 10 desks socially distanced for students and staff to use during Bible class in the Bible class room on the second floor.

  • To have limited amount of chairs for Chapel according to the predetermined chapel schedule.
  • The greatest number of staff and students at any one time would be 9 to 10 students.  There will be 10 chairs socially distanced and marked for student use on the scheduled chapel days.

  • To provide any additional guidance for staff, students and parents in accordance with local and state officials as it may be received throughout the school year.
  • All students and staff must have masks to wear and be used at appropriate and necessary times.
  • All guests must have masks to wear and use at appropriate and necessary times.
  • Masks may have to be worn for the entire school day, but note, there may be times that masks aren’t worn or needed.
  • We encourage parents to provide the necessary sanitizing items needed for their student to be kept in their office area while they attend the school day.  The supplies would include additional disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes for their desk area.  This may include correct size disposable gloves as well.
  • Parents need to put in writing their requests for their child’s health care as they spend the day in school; if that health care is in addition to the above mentioned items.  (There is a spectrum of response to COVID-19.)  We have established what we believe is a balanced approach and standard to maintain our Health and Safety initiative.  Our Academy health initiative standard must be kept; but, a parent can add a personal measure of care for their student.  Any parental requests need to be put in writing and turned in to the Academy office for our records.  The parent’s in addition requests will be communicated to the Learning Center supervisor.
  • If a child cannot ever wear a mask or covering due to health concerns, that has to be determined in advance by both the parent and their personal physician.  We will have to have a clear understanding as to our role and what guidelines will need to be kept in mind in light of such a situation.  The Academy will need written confirmation from the family physician stating as such and a plan particular to that student and those around that student from day to day.
  1. To provide guidance to parents in the event their student is ill at home or becomes ill during the school/work day.
  2. If your student is ill at home; please make arrangements to keep them home.  They cannot arrive with a fever, consistent strong cough or runny nose that is not allergy related.  If they arrive at school with any of the above conditions; they will be immediately quarantined, parent notified and expectation of immediate pick up in accordance with the provided emergency contacts on your student application.  We will have to be insistent upon an immediate response.
  3. Emergency contact information and assurance that a student can be picked up in a timely manner if the student falls ill during the day will need to be provided.
  4. A designated room (see number 2 above for quarantine location) for students or staff who may fall ill for any reason while waiting to be picked up by parent or emergency contact.
  5. If a student or family becomes ill requiring an established quarantine at home; then every effort will be made to assist the student in the continuation of their at home education until they are well enough to return following the mandatory time of quarantine.
  6. We will be in weekly contact with our parents via email and encourage parents to maintain consistent contact with the Academy as well.  We exist to support the measures necessary to quell COVID-19 and to protect those within the student population who may have been exposed to the virus through their time at school.

Facilities Guidance:

MVCA has no filtration system in this building.  There are no forced air units of any kind that provide either heat or air conditioning.  The air is free-flowing throughout the building and is exchanged in normal and natural ways as outside doors are opened and closed and as air moves within a given area.  Heat is provided through a steam boiler system.

The size of our building and the lack of significant population aids us at this time with the ability to socially distance, maintain cleanliness and circulate air in light of high ceilings and large open areas.

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